Christian Music Artist Godfire : Serving the Lord Jesus Christ through Praise and Worship Music and Sound.

Steve Wilson, former founding member of the rock-band Molly Maguires, wrote and produced Exousia with band-mate Mikayla Hart, singer/vocalist with the legendary Issaac Hayes on many of his European, South American and US tours, the David Letterman show and VH!.

Immersed in a worldy life-stlye of rock-n-roll, alcohol, drugs, and total self-indulgence, Steve and Mikayla found themselves again and again in situations that should've killed them -- and yet they were miraculously saved, (unbeknownst to them at the time), by the grace of God.
Years later, as they sought answers to life and a higher purpose, they were thrown together into a whirlwind of the Holy Spirit and have never looked back!

They formed Godfire in response to an ugly world gettin’ uglier and continue to record and perform live whenever and wherever possible and to carry the ministry of Jesus out into the fields of their day-to-day existence. Praise Yah!



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